Welcome to Sofreh Aghd Hannah
Your wedding is a very special day in your life. In a traditional Persian marriage the Sofreh Aghd plays a major part in our ceremony. It would be a pleasure to design your Sofreh Aghd like the one you have always imagined and one that reflects your dreams. We are determined to provide the most elegant and unique collection of handcrafted Sofreh Aghd items for your dream day.
We provide a fabulous and professional experience in creating the perfect Sofreh Aghd.
You can sit back, relax, drink champagne and smell the roses.


* A complete custom Sofreh Aghd set up
* Decorative Sugar Cones (Kaleh Ghand)
* Beautiful Sugar Cloth (Tooreh Ghand)

Our prices are very affordable!


Sofreh Aghd


Los Angeles, California

Cell phone (310)863-0174
Telephone (818)876-0640


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